Wednesday, November 18, 2015

USA TODAY: "@Adele's '25': Maturity Beyond Her Years." #MPsays "Seriously?"

by Mister Promo | November 18, 2015

Courtesy of NY Times

Maturity beyond her years? What exactly does that mean? Music wise or peronal life? Because if you are referring to her personal life then I totally agree. She is very wise for her age. However, if you are referring to her music career, then I beg the differ.

When Adele first stepped on the scene with her debut album titled, '19'. It may have taken us by storm. Her sound was definitely not new, she was just different.

Then came '21', which was a revampt '19'. Now we have to deal with '25'? Okay, so "Hello" is at no. 1, big whoop. Is that all we are going to receive from Adele's '25'? If that is the case then her maturity is going to become elderly real quick. 

There are actually comment debates on Facebook between people comparing Adele to Janet Jackson. That's obsurd. Check Janet's stats by clicking the link in her full name seen two sentences ago. Adele has a very long way to go.

Why is this even a discussion? They're not even in the same category. Besides, Adele doesn't believe '25' will be a success. Judging from the article in the music section of USA Today delievered today, she isn't being modest. Instead, she is being honest. So, if she cannot see her own success in this coming album, then '25' will not be. Billboard, save the no. 1 spots for artist who are more worthy of success and who are aware of it!! Apparently Adele is running out of youthful ages and meaningful topics to describe her albums. Looks like her flame is burning low.

Honestly, would you be interested in purchasing an album titled, '47' or '64'? I wouldn't. 

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