Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Protect Yourself With ARMHER! (


I would say that it is time you protect yourself. Wouldn't you agree?
The only way I see fit for you to do this properly is by utilizing the products of ARMHER.

Ever feel unsafe when you are alone and fending for yourself?
No longer should you scream, "SAVE YOURSELF!" when fallen.
You now have the ability to stun someone with a product named the "ARMHER Alarm Whistle. If you're under attack, just click the button and take off running for safety. The sound is of a fire alarm stemming from a device the size of an ink pen.

Deborah Halpin (D.Halpin), creator and founder of ARMHER, refers to her products as "The Perfect Storm". What prompted this great idea to create such an amazing business of products such as these is simply because of an event whereas her home was broken into. As a result from experiencing such a rude awakening, D.Halpin, immediately thought of her safety and realized that upon this event and many other similar events possible to take place, she was not and would not be prepared. After a strenuous study of criminal research, D.Halpin came up with ARMHER. 

The ARMHER Alarm Whistle was, in fact, D.Halpin's first creation. She created this for her daughter when she went off to college and following this product came 6 other safety devices. Today, 1 and a half years later, D.Halpin has 20 helpful items and what was once products designed specifically for women, are now suitable for men as well.

As a special for the holidays, you can purchase the popular Survival Kit (an excellent gift for a loved one). It comes equipped with five items nicely packed in an ARMHER Back Pack that you will receive FREE with the purchase of your survival kit. You have your choice of purchasing an already made survival kit with a back pack or you can customize your very own survival kit ranging from $27 - $75.

For more info regarding ARMHER and their products,
you may click the following link.

Also, if you are going to be in or around the Springfield, MA area from now till Friday Dec. 21st between 10am - 2pm you should definitely visit Deborah Halpin in Tower Square on 1500 Main Street. Her products will be there for purchase. Upon your arrival, be sure and tell her who sent you.

~ Allen Mark ~
(writer for The Promo Squad Blog)

Tower Square
1500 Main Street
Springfield, MA 01103

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