Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Much Anticipated #ColorMeComplex EP by @TaijaNew Is Now Available ! !

by Mister Promo | November 18, 2015

Taija New Color Me Complex The Promo Squad

Artist:                                Taija New

Album EP:        Color Me Complex

Release Date:  November 14, 2015


Taija New is working double time at becoming successful in her music career. Come this season next year, there is no reason why her name will not be familiar in many households across the U.S. I'm calling it right now and you will remember this post. If you are reading this and November 2016 is today and Taija New is vastly known. Then you will understand and therefore have no other choice but to stop and say, "no kidding". 

When it comes to this new EP "Color Me Complex", you have already heard of "Al Capone" ft Amsha and "Newbian King". Now you have seven other unheard tracks to get familiar with. 

Track List 
1. Newbian King
2. Gravestone
3. Insanity
4. Thoughts of You Ft. T.ReMMeDY
5. Al Capone Ft. Amsha
6. No Holds Barred
8. Juxtapose
9. Feels Good to Burn Ft. Chris Paul
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