Saturday, February 14, 2015

This is For the Lover In You Playlist

The Rock-It Scientist | February 14th, 2015 Valentine's Day 

The playlist for the lover in you

I'm what you call a hopeless romantic.  I don't have to have a Valentine to enjoy this day, I'm just in love with love and I'm not apologetic about it.  Don't get me wrong, I'm a man's, man, I scratch dark places, release flatulence, watch and play sports and many other testosterone activities, but I'm secure enough with my masculinity that I can admit this.  

In 1994, when I was listening to Hot 97 in Brooklyn NY one day and Ribbon in the Sky by Intro came on, I fell in love with music that day. Everything about the song was perfect and I wanted to hear more.  I end up becoming a huge fan of R.Kelly and even began writing music because I idolized him.  Along with some of the best Rap music, Rock, and Dancehall music R&B music was constantly playing in my house.  This playlist is some of my favorite love songs and this was really hard to do to keep it to 20 songs but tell me what you think?

What's In A Love?

by Mister Promo | February 14, 2015

Many of us go love-struck over this silly day. It's not even a holiday. We buy candy and chocolate and edible arrangements and roses and balloons. But for what? It's all just a waste of money because none of it lasts. It all expires just like relationships. I say, bah hum bug to this day. Happy Valentine's Day?! Yeah, its more like Dappy Halentine's Vay! No one cares!
Being alone on this day is better than worrying about which gift is going to make the "love of your life" smile the most. A good movie (nothing romantic), your favorite snack and an alcoholic beverage sound great on a night to conclude today. Or just kick back and listen to this awesome playlist I've constructed of Breakup Songs!

Please! Enjoy your day and night!

Purchase any of the songs you hear in the playlist here

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