Music Submission

If you would like to submit content for us to review, send mail to: thepromosquad [a] gmail dot com. Please include a photo, a soundcloud link, a link to YouTube video (if the band has one and you should), along with the bio.  We love to know if you are performing too (send us a ticket).

Do Not:

Subscribe us to your newsletter.

Send YouTube channel links, only your best videos.

Worry about submitting your music, just do it.


Be professional and courteous, please.

ID3 Tag your music. The squad frowns on Untitled works unless you are D'angelo. (how does it feel.)

How to ID3 tag your music?

    1. Drag the songs into iTunes
    2. Find the songs in iTunes, select all songs on the album
    3. Right click (or Control + Click) and select “Get Info”
    4. Edit the fields for Artist, Year, Album Artist, and Album only.
    5. Click OK to save.
    6. Now select one song at a time go to “Get Info” for each song. Edit the “Name” field for the track title, and the Track Number field (ex. 1 of 3), and click OK to save.
    7. Do that for each song.
    8. On a Mac, go to Macintosh HD > Users > [your username] > Music > iTunes > iTunes music > [Artist Name]
    9. Then Copy the entire Album folder and paste it somewhere else
    10. Now you can Compress it, and send it to whomever (or upload it to the website for download). When people download it and play it on their computer/iPod, all songs will come up in the proper order with the proper Album Name.
    11. To add Album Artwork, select all songs in the Album, Click “Get Info”, and Check the “Album Artwork” box, and Double Click the box to browse to the image on your computer. Just make sure the album artwork is square

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