Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Did You Know, Elle King was born...

by Mister Promo | November 4, 2015

Elle King

She was born, Tanner Elle Schneider. Yes, her father is actor and comedian, Robert Schneider. Her mother is a former model named London King, which is where the last name King derived from in her stage name. She knew full well that if she were to present herself as Tanner Schneider or even Elle Schneider that she would, by default, end up riding the coattail of her father. Instead, she changed her name to read Elle King. This way she could travel her own path and create her own resources connections along the way.

She grew up traveling back and forth between Ohio and L.A. However, she currently resides in Brooklyn, NYC, and also records her music there. For the time being, you can experience a live perforance of Elle King in Brooklyn and Harlem. Those locatons will grow and vary soon enough.

I say, it was a brilliant move to decide the name change to Elle King. Keep up the great work.
See you at the top.


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