Friday, November 20, 2015

@NiykeeHeaton likes to do this in the bedroom. #NBK

20 Year Old Niykee Heaton Goes On Her Bedroom Tour

By The Rock-It Scientist | November 19th 2015

Niykee Heaton
Courtesy of @Niykeeheaton Instagram

Nicolet Aleta Heaton, bka, Niykee Heaton, is bringing her bedroom right to a stage near you.  Her fans are swelling up all the tour venues to capacity with sold out shows, I couldn't even get a ticket right now, guess I'll have to use my tricks to get in. I'm dusting off my security outfit and yelling at people to clear the area. Niykee Heaton is doing this all on her own since her bad experience with a major label, she wants to do it her way. Niykee said, "We put up with constant and continual bullying, lies, unfair compromises, underhanded politics, name-calling, blame games and much more all at the hands of grown men who saw two young girls and thought they could control us."

Niykee Heaton decided, she was not going to change. She said "...I would rather die than to sacrifice who I am..." The true words of an indie artist.  The majors do not get it.  They do this with many artist just to realize, that they made a mistake.  The labels are crazy; they keep doing the same thing over and over and expect to get the same results of yesteryear.  A new revolution is taking place and Niykee Heaton is a soldier helping to fight the good fight in the indie Music Revolution.
Niykee Heaton is armed with the AK-47 of indie artist, the internet and she is using it well.
The annunition of YouTube got her discovered and her use of Instagram is just killing it, that's why she decided to call her movement "Naturyl Born Killers"  She said,"That suits us perfectly because we kill everything that's in our way and we don't even have to try." 
There is a lot of controversy surrounding Niykees' Instagram. One of her most liked and talked about photos is on the beach, which got 110k Likes and 9,645 comments to date.
She defends her use of Instagram, where she bares everything but her soul by saying, "I grew up an ugly duckling... I never thought of myself as a pretty girl.  When I started my Instagram account, that was just me being me.  The response that I got was really crazy because people were like, "you're so hot!" I became more comfortable with who I was and just kept posting pictures. My mom was a total hippie, so we were always running around naked and that was natural and normal."
What is normal to Niykee is grabbing a lot of attention and it works.  She is not just an "Instagram Model," she has talent and lots of it.  According to Niykee, she's been writing music from age five and self-taught herself the guitar at the age of nine. Her voice is beautiful, she writes, produces, and markets her own music, as well as sell out shows.  She's on her way of becoming a superstar.

Niykee Heaton has a great formula for success.  She started out with YouTube videos here is the first video on her channel where she writes an original song very personal which is about her sister. She performs covers and originals with just her and her guitar since 2012.

Taking hip-hop songs and turning them into acoustic version has worked very well for her, like her most popular video to date Love Sosa Chief Keef.  This is when I heard about her myself.  Now her popularity is grown more and more.

Then comes Snoop Lion's aka Snoop Dogg performance.  Snoop brings out three internet sensations: Walk Off The Earth, Lindsey Stirling and Niykee Heaton. Now she's starting to break out, there is a slowdown of her doing YouTube videos from her bedroom but she still does.  Three years later and now she's on her new chapter of her life and career.  Doing songs with Mike Posner, and putting out a Lyrical video of her original songs.  She met Lauren Pisciotta from YouTube and she ended up moving in with her which started their professional and personal relationship.  It was Lauren Pisciotta who convinced Niykee to do the cover on a dare.  Years down the line when Niykee is on top, you will look back and know I'm right.

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