Tuesday, August 27, 2013

So, The @MTV VMAs, Huh? (@MileyCyrus? @JTimberlake? & @RobinThicke?)

What are your thoughts about the 2013 MTV VMAs?

Liked It?
Loved It?
Hated It?
Didn't Watch It?

Please leave your comments below! ! !

What was up with Miley?
Think maybe you would be interested in slowing down a bit on your transition to adulthood?
We get it, your childhood was too innocent. You are trying to makeup for lost time.
But damn its as if you went directly from turtlenecks to lingerie.
You just skipped right on pass the mini-skirts. What's next, full frontal nudity?

What's the point in a reunion of N'sync?
Did anyone truly miss them?
Is Justin trying to reinvent himself by moving backward in life?
I mean, for an artist who claims he is not inspired by MJ whatsoever,
he sure is following a familiar musician's career path.

I'm just saying...


Anyway, just as I insisted,
Please leave your comments below.



Sunday, August 25, 2013

Remembering @AaliyahHaughton.

On this day, 12 years prior, we lost someone close and dear to our hearts. Miss Aaliyah Haughton, you meant more to us than the wind that collects in our lungs and passes through our lips to keep us alive. How does one accept this fate and move on? I guess by not accepting it. Instead, we choose to live with you through your song and lyrics. We miss you and love you so much. We pray daily that you understand how much we knew your worth.

Aaliyah Dana Haughton, you are a positive motivation in our lives, you are more than a woman, you are an angel without disguise.

And now for a song...

We will never forget you. Everyone here in The Promosquad will miss you and love you always.
Rest easy Baby Girl.

Aaliyah Dana Haughton
Jan. 16, 1979 - Aug. 25, 2001
R.  I.  P.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

"Rock N Roll" by @AvrilLavigne ft/ @DanicaMcKellar (aka Winnie Cooper)

I'm not gonna lie. I didn't expect this video to turnout this way.

Fuse did have me guessing and wondering.

Then I watched the video and this is what I saw.

Go ahead Avril! ! !
And kudos for casting Danica,
she is still so damn hot!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

PAUSE... Is this really @Zendaya ? ? ?


Few of us will always remember her as the little girl from Disney's "Shake It Up".

Every child must grow up someday. Just think of this as Zendaya's transition to adulthood.

Here is Zendaya in her new music video titled,

Check her out in this video below.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

All I can say is, if she keeps this up then we can say goodbye to artists like Ciara and Rihanna.
Not to mention, Cassie should just stop trying to make a comeback.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Sunday, August 18, 2013

TPS Video of the Week by @AlunaGeorge


Video of the Week

AlunaGeorge - You Know You Like It


I received this for free
on iTunes. But its still
a pretty bad-ass song.


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Thank you!
Enjoy your week!

Friday, August 16, 2013

@Timbaland @MissyElliott @Ginuwine & @AaliyahHaughton Created @JayPlay01

Jacob Thompson (Jay-Play), the producer, the singer, the multi-instrumentalist and the songwriter.
What a title, huh?
Here's a man who may very well be young in age but his soul has definitely resided here much longer. When you think of Jay-Play you are to think of a genre none other than New Jack Swing. 

There is nothing like that, what is now referred to as, old school RnB.
Where did it go?
In a couple of years it will have gone nowhere. Simply because in the hands of Jay-Play through today's technology it will be right back here playing in our airwaves.

Born in the early 90s when RnB was still fresh and held a lot of meaning behind its lyrics Jacob listened to music from artist such as Aaliyah, Ginuwine, Missy Elliott, Timbaland and of course Janet Jackson. All of these great musicians and entertainers together and separate are what inspired Jay-Play to become who he is today. 

In 2008, Jacob would grow to realize that his talents shouldn't remain a hobby. He would then form his very own independent recording label and title it, "KooLN3rD Music Records" (KNM). 

These days Jay-Play is responsible for the production of Eshee's "HEART TOUCHING".

 You know, I think by now you probably understand the gist of who this man is.
How about now we check out some of his work? 


click links below

Enjoy! ! !

And please feel free
to post your
comments below.

Thank You!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Win A Ticket to See Your Fav Artist Perform LIVE!


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Good Luck!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

TPS Video of the Week by @Avicii


Video of the Week

Avicii - "Wake Me Up"


It definitely has 
a message to gain.


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Enjoy your week!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The New Line Dance by @BigMucci

Who is Big Mucci?
This question may be fresh in your mind right now.

Big Mucci is internationally known as the King of Line-Dance Musik. 
Now you may be questioning, "if this is so, how come I have never heard of him?"
My answer to you, "it's probably because you don't get out much."

Born, Mark Wynn, and stemming from Cleveland, OH, he began working with a group named The 71 North Boyz. Under this group is where he recorded two worldwide popular line dances such as "Boodie Bounce" and "The Cleveland Shuffle" both in 1997. Then, re-released the two songs in 2002. The following years post the second release of these two radio and club friendly hits Mucci would release his latest worldwide line-dance craze, "The Bikers Shuffle".

"The Bikers Shuffle" is a very catchy and addicting dance specifically created with bikers in mind. I, myself, first seen it performed in New Orleans in the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center during the Essence Fest this past July. Once I began viewing it, while recording, I was immediately captivated. Not only because of the gal in blue heading the dance but also because of the smooth moves she was projecting.

Check it out!

However, the official video for this amazing line-dance can be viewed simply by clicking play on the video just below.

I must say, if it is true that you do not know who this man is...

Then allow me to introduce to you, 
Mark Wynn.
Big Mucci
! ! ! ! ! ! 

For more info on this artist.
Click the links below.





Sunday, August 4, 2013

Movie Night Suggestions!

I recommend that you take yourself out to the movie theater to see the one and only movie of the summer of 2013.

The Wolverine

(in theaters everywhere)

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Last Month to End the Summer! 8/1/13

Mister Promo here.

I am here to tell you that you are not getting any younger. You must go out and live your life as if there will not be a tomorrow for you. Do something with your friends that you, yourself, will not do with just anyone.
Today, my roommates and friends went to the beach. Yes, I know, it seems typical and old. But I can promise you the thrill of it was brand new.

Check it out! 
Took Flight and Now Landing!

Remember, this one is for you!
Anyway, have fun.
Oh and, remember, on your next road trip you have to find a way to download and listen to 
"Sex Education" by Effrem Adams. https://soundcloud.com/effremadams

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