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Sexy Saturday Model Update

Taj Melrose, an Educated Model/Actress

Sexy Saturday 'Model of the Week' February 26, 2011

Full bio can be viewed by clicking ~~> Taj Melrose


Florence Collins
Sexy Saturday 'Model of the Week' April 16, 2011

Full bio can be viewed by clicking ~~> Florence Collins


The One of a Kind, Miss Mia Marxx
Sexy Saturday 'Model of the Week' April 23, 2011

Full bio can be viewed by clicking ~~> Miss Mia Marxx


There will be more to come. Just look out for May

Enjoy! !

Friday, April 29, 2011

"Roll Up" by Promo -- Freestyle Friday


To listen to "Roll Up", you know the routine.
Click the link ~~> The PromoSquad Twitrax

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Get Ready For This Weekend! (MA, CT, PA, NJ) -- Thirsty Thursday

One 11 Lounge
9:00pm - 2:00am
Friday April 29
Every Friday Night It's A Party !!!
Join us Friday night. DJ Effrem Adams will be gettin' the party started and then it will continue with  DJ Go Phenom from Hot 93.7 (Hartford's #1 Hip Hop and R&B)
111 Allyn St.
Hartford, CT


Sinners and Saints
10:00pm - 2:00pm
Saturday April 30
The RETURN of "CiROC Saturdays"
280 Bridge St
Springfield, MA
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Bocca Rossa
9:00pm - 12:00am
Saturday April 30
Mike Manson and Vito G - Go Deep, Deep Sexy House Music
Join Djs Mike Manson and Vtio G for Go Deep @ Bocca Rossa. Hartfords only Deep House and Deep Tech night.
Every Saturday night is Go Deep At Bocca Rossa, Hartfords Italian Wine and Panini bar. Bocca Rossa is one of Hartford's Nicest lounges. Brought to you by the same people that brought you Room 960. with fine dining and a great selection of wine from the wine bar the setting is complete for a great night of food and friends.

492 Main st
Hartford, CT
Bocca Rossa @ Nite
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Sun National Bank Center
7:30pm - 10:00pm
Saturday April 30
Wired 96.5 & McDonalds Present the World's Largest Freestyle Party
Ticket Prices: $250- VIP package, $60, $40, $30 Event takes place on April 30th at 7:30pm Featured Performers include: Stevie B, TKA, Debbie Deb, Nice-n-Wild, Freestyle Evolution, and many others!
81 Hamilton Ave. Rt. 129 
Trenton, NJ 08611


Liacouras Center at Temple University
6:00pm - 10pm
Saturday April 30
K-ci & JoJo - Dru Hill & Friends 'BringBack the LOVE Tour'
"BRING BACK the LOVE TOUR" (A 90s Grown & Sexy Throwback Music Tour) ...Starring K- CI & JOJO and DRU HILL Also Featuring R&B Artists: NEXT - CASE - CARL THOMAS Introducing: J Kingdom New Artists : EDDIE WRITER ZOE WILKS Hosted By: "Philly's Own ComedianĂ¢€? : BUCK WILD PURCHASE TICKETS AT: ON SALE NOW! * Learn more about WINNING (2) TWO FREE TICKETS 2 SHOW on Smile 4U Events Page Details COMING SOON* The Liacouras Center: 1(215) 204-8499 comcastTIX: 1 (800) 298-4200 Seats: $60.00 (Floor Sect) - $50.00 (100 Sect) - $40.00 (200 Sect) $3.00 handling fee Sponsored By: J Kingdom Ent.
1776 North Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122


Club Illusions
10pm - 2am.
Sunday May 1
Reggae Sundays, Soca, R&B & Hip Hop 
Music by 
Dj HowthaGuy, Dj Daddydrew & Ezythedj
Powered By Three Boss Entertainment & Dj Daddydrew Promotions.
288 Worthington St.
Springfield, MA


Facenda-Whitaker Lanes
2:30pm - 5:00pm
Sunday May 1

Down Goes Cancer Strikes Again- Bowling Fundraiser

2nd Annual Charity Bowling Event, Sunday, May 1,2011 2:30-5PM. 5 bowlers per team & children are encouraged to participate. Ticket Prices: $20 Adults, $10 Kids At the door: $25 Adults, $10 Kids.
2912 Swede Road 
Norristown, PA 19401

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Communication, Is It Really Important? -- Web Blog Wednesday

This blog topic was submitted by Mikahma.

Communication in relationships... Is it important or is it not?

Please leave your comments as to why you made your decision?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Proper Interview w/ The PromoSquad -- Two Tunes Tuesday


MP: As an artist you call yourself "Proper". What exactly does that mean and why did you choose that name?

P: I wanted a name that really stood out, something very unique, apart from other artists.  Also i have always been a business man first before an artist and the term Proper really substitutes in very well.  I use to play football and the older guys nick named me P-loot haha i never understood that but i took the initial P and formed Proper.  The integrity of my work really translates very well when the name Proper is utilized.  Plus i spoke with a few women they all questioned, "are you always this Proper? Haha.


MP: What is your real name?

P: My real name is Papayaw Konadu Bediako


MP: What is the origin of your name?

P: Ghana, West Africa.  Very different from the States.


MP: Are you originally from the states or is Ghana the place you like to refer to as home?

P: I am originally from Ghana, West Africa.  Thats my first home always.


MP: How long have you been pursuing music?

P: OOO man its crazy i put everything on my life on this one just because i know people may not believe me.  I had 3 of the same dreams 3 nights in a row, the 1st being of my favorite artist telling me to pursue music.  The 2nd being from another artist telling me to pursue music and that many will benefit from this.  Finally my deceased father appeared in my 3rd dream, i knew i really had to pay attention.  Music has always been a passion of mine, i really like the business side of it.  Starting from the ground up and building your way up.  Eventually i want to be behind the closed doors and watch other hungry artists chase their dreams.  


MP: What inspired you to make this decision?

P: Honestly my deceased father really inspired me to go for it.  Though people may not understand the complexity of it i don't expect them to.  I know what i have to do and i am working towards it now.


MP: Do you write your own lyrics?

P: Yes i write the majority of my music. Once in a while i may collaborate with my team (KMG) to formulate ideas or other artists to gain diversity.


MP: Do you sometimes find it difficult to come up with new topics to write about?

P: Constantly!!!!!!! most of my lyrics make people wonder whats going on in my head.  It's also difficult because i try to come up with bars/lyrics others don't have.  It's crazy because the first few bars i wrote actually ended up in fabolous's (breathe) i wrote " they shook up and hooked up to respirators"  Lol and i had to do away with those after hearing breathe.... I knew people would be like oooo man he stole that from fab.


MP: What are your goals as an artist in music?

P: Honestly i just want people to hear my music and say wow we can really relate to that.  Its crazy because my team and i have actually been approached by a few labels but negotiations fell through.  But i want to my Kosent Music Group brand that i started with a couple of my guys to really find a good niche.


MP: Once you have completed your goals, what will you do then?

P: I really want to look into real estate expansion and also building a foundation to help less privileged people than myself.  I also want to look into signing my own artist's, people who know how to create unique sounds. 


MP: As a striving artist do you ever find yourself wanting to give up? If so, how do you cope?

P: It's crazy but giving up is the easiest and at the same time hardest thing to do.  At one step you give up and that "what if" game beats on your conscience and you don't give up, well lets just say it takes a toll on you.  You make great music and people will not respond to you just because you are not in the level of a Kanye WestLloyd BanksJay-Z and other artists who are already signed.  I can write one bar spit it and people will not quote me, but on the other hand Kanye can write the same exact bar and people will be quoting it from Europe to Africa back to US.  I think other artists know exactly what am talking about.  I just remember my fathers dream thats the only way i cope with it.


MP: Where do you see yourself in five years?

P: Signing checks for Kosent Music Group affiliates hahaa but in all honestly i don't know i just pray that God allows me to see more years and to keep me and everyone safe, even my haters.


MP: Describe yourself in one word.

P: Proper


MP: If you are speaking to youth that have interest in pursuing the same goals as you, what positive words would you share with them as motivation?

P: Dreams are always an alternate universe and for them to search and achieve it.  Never let other people dictate your worth because it always depreciates your actual worth.  Also follow your heart it will guide you like a gps.  I would also tell them that you need to really be about your business and not let others hamper the way you think, there are many people who will try and tell you what to do.  


MP: Its been said that many people have compared you as a young conscience 50 Cent. What are your thoughts about that?

P: I'm really honored because its crazy when i first came here to the US i didn't know  Rakim, Ghostface, Nas and all the old school generals who paved the way for the new wave artists.  I begun listening to 50 cent and Jay z in fact those artists became my favorite.  50's business mentality is amazing.  The man really built a crazy brand with his G-unit affiliates.  Jay has really branded himself with the RocNation brand too.  Man its crazy because my father was a business man too. My mother would tell me stories about everyone calling him Mr. Bediako when he came around just because he was always smooth.  I guess i am just honored and hopefully i can really make the best out of this.


MP: Explain your affiliation with Kosent Music and status being Capo?

P: Kosent Music Group is crazy man. There are 2 other artists Junior and CB and everyone is honestly their own Capo in a sense, think of a young G-unit.  You watch all the affiliates on G-unit everyone is their own boss but ultimately if questions really need to be answered Curtis is the man.  We all talk and make the best of decisions for the brand. Many minds together is better than one.  In fact Junior just released his first project Backpack Journey on Itunes and so far people have responded very well.


MP: From the few of what now could be many record labels that have been contacting you, which one do you wish to be signed with?

P: There are a few that we have our eyes on but at the same time we will make them find us.  The label that actually gets Kosent Music Group brand underneath them will really benefit but at the same time we wont cry out to them just to get signed.  We have reached a day in time where technology has made artists their own labels.  The Itunes and Amazon and other distributors like that on its own are really doing well for us.  For what its worth we will know the right label when we meet with them.


MP: What are your thoughts of the rap game today?

P: Its up and down too many phony acts.  There are the few artists that actually have something to say and really create good music.  For the most part you hear people emulating others because people are scared to push boundaries, people are scared to be the leaders and introduce new things.  They only do whats already been done.


MP: What do you think Proper can offer to the rap game?

P:  Only time will tell and i think after people hear Flight 101 which is my first cd in a trilogy set people will see where i am trying to take this.  Though i am aware many people will try and formulate their own ideas about me just because they might hear one little thing they might not understand.  I am ready.


MP: In your own words, shoutout The PromoSquad.

P: Shoutout to The PromoSquad big time for this interview, i actually met an affiliate, Mister Promo, at one of my shows that i did for Dj Buck of Hot 93.7.  Quickly approached me and we talked for a while, big shout out to them.
- Proper

You can also find me on twitter @OfficialProper
and view my videos at 
Kosent Music


MP: And that concludes our interview.
Thank you for reading. Hope you enjoy the music and videos of Proper.


Look out for the new mixtape Flight 101. Hear a sample below.

Monday, April 25, 2011

DJ Phat Traxx -- Mixtape Monday

You might be familiar with ABDI, most of the time referred as Abdi Hitz (according to the url links of twitter, facebook, etc.) Well, Dj Phat Traxx created an official remix for "Like Nobody" by ABDI. Check out the video below. It is comprised of photos of Abdi with friends and family. Take a closer look and you'll even see pics of his promoters, TheRock-It and Mister Promo.

DJ PT is known for remixing various Caribbean originals. 
To view more Phat Traxx, click the link below.

Also, to hear the original version click the link below.


Sunday, April 24, 2011

"A Kiss of Chaos" -- Cinema Sunday

Not really a throwback but also not new. A movie that I say is "a must see". That movie is 'A Kiss Of Chaos' which airs tonight on SHOWtime, TMC (The Movie Channel) at 11:45PM. If you are one of those ppl who don't have the luxury of viewing said network, you can select it on NETFLIX! Hopefully you have enjoyed the trailer so much that you will take the time to watch the movie in its entirety.

You may recognize many of the actors/actresses. Such as Judy Marte (Raising Victor Vargas), Gleendilys Inoa (Don't Let Me Drown), Michael K Williams (Trapped In The Closet by R. Kelly), and Adam Rodriguez (CSI: Miami).

- Mister Promo

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