Thursday, January 21, 2016

What's Next for Taija New? (@TaijaNew)

by Mister Promo | January 21, 2016

Taija New is a lyricist, songwriter, and dancer.
She is a multi-talented performer who fuses her love for music, dance, art and life together to create an experience for her audience.
Born in the basketball famed city of Springfield, Massachusetts, thanks to her parents, Taija fell in love with R&B music at a very young age as she listened to everything from the Commodores to TLC in her household.
Her love for language followed her to college as she pursued a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from The University of Massachusetts.
New created her sound and can be heard in the variety of flows and genres to the Spanish inserts in her music. She continues to inspire others and remains open to accept inspiration by many.
New has performed in cities covering Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York.
She currently has two tracks for sale on iTunes and a station on Pandora.
Other than booking shows frequently, New can be found ruling as King on the open mic stage.
Whatever New task she sets her mind on she usually doesn't quit it until it becomes apart of The New Experience.

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