Tuesday, January 12, 2016

New Album Release: "Don't Look Back" by @RobbyJohnson

by Mister Promo | January 12, 2016

Robby Johnson

If you are familiar with the dialect of Robby Johnson, I bet you would have never guessed that he grew up a French Canadian.
Growing up in a French province in Canada, Robby learned to rid himself of his accent by watching American television. Along with American TV he also listen to a wide range of music. Above all the various genres, he found himself gravitating more toward country music. He began to appreciate it and fell in love with all that it had to offer.

"It's music that is healing. It resonated with me and drew me in."
~ Robby J.
The track below is a song titled "Shady".
It was released on YouTube as a lyric video on July 1, 2015.


Robby was a shy child living a poverty stricken life. With never letting go of his imagination and holding tight to his dream he was well and able to keep hope alive. He believed that his future would result in him becoming the best he could be. In whatever best that may be.

One year, on Christmas, he received a gift that would ultimately set his life on a different path. This gift was a paid demo session. It was through this experience that lead him to realize within himself was a gift as well; his voice.

In 2012, he quit his life in Canada, traveled South, stopped in Tennessee, recorded more songs and before he knew it, Nashville became his new home.

Today, however, is the release of his new album titled "Don't Look Back".
If you became fond of his lyrics and sound in the video above, then by all means, this album will be a great purchase for you.

What are you waiting for? Go for it.
And while you're at it, stay up-to-date with him through links below.

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