Friday, August 16, 2013

@Timbaland @MissyElliott @Ginuwine & @AaliyahHaughton Created @JayPlay01

Jacob Thompson (Jay-Play), the producer, the singer, the multi-instrumentalist and the songwriter.
What a title, huh?
Here's a man who may very well be young in age but his soul has definitely resided here much longer. When you think of Jay-Play you are to think of a genre none other than New Jack Swing. 

There is nothing like that, what is now referred to as, old school RnB.
Where did it go?
In a couple of years it will have gone nowhere. Simply because in the hands of Jay-Play through today's technology it will be right back here playing in our airwaves.

Born in the early 90s when RnB was still fresh and held a lot of meaning behind its lyrics Jacob listened to music from artist such as Aaliyah, Ginuwine, Missy Elliott, Timbaland and of course Janet Jackson. All of these great musicians and entertainers together and separate are what inspired Jay-Play to become who he is today. 

In 2008, Jacob would grow to realize that his talents shouldn't remain a hobby. He would then form his very own independent recording label and title it, "KooLN3rD Music Records" (KNM). 

These days Jay-Play is responsible for the production of Eshee's "HEART TOUCHING".

 You know, I think by now you probably understand the gist of who this man is.
How about now we check out some of his work? 


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