Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The New Line Dance by @BigMucci

Who is Big Mucci?
This question may be fresh in your mind right now.

Big Mucci is internationally known as the King of Line-Dance Musik. 
Now you may be questioning, "if this is so, how come I have never heard of him?"
My answer to you, "it's probably because you don't get out much."

Born, Mark Wynn, and stemming from Cleveland, OH, he began working with a group named The 71 North Boyz. Under this group is where he recorded two worldwide popular line dances such as "Boodie Bounce" and "The Cleveland Shuffle" both in 1997. Then, re-released the two songs in 2002. The following years post the second release of these two radio and club friendly hits Mucci would release his latest worldwide line-dance craze, "The Bikers Shuffle".

"The Bikers Shuffle" is a very catchy and addicting dance specifically created with bikers in mind. I, myself, first seen it performed in New Orleans in the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center during the Essence Fest this past July. Once I began viewing it, while recording, I was immediately captivated. Not only because of the gal in blue heading the dance but also because of the smooth moves she was projecting.

Check it out!

However, the official video for this amazing line-dance can be viewed simply by clicking play on the video just below.

I must say, if it is true that you do not know who this man is...

Then allow me to introduce to you, 
Mark Wynn.
Big Mucci
! ! ! ! ! ! 

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  1. This is an Hot write up! Love it.

  2. Omg this is an awesome write up of Big Mucci however I think some other important things should be known and mention about him! This is a VERY HARD WORKING INDEPENDENT ARTIST that takes pride in any and everything he does! He is a very good provider and father! He is very loyal to his fans and supporters! Big Mucci is a very smart detailed down to earth person! He can rock a crowd and rock with the crowd! He is the type of artist that loves to mingle in with his fans and supporters! If you don't know how to do the dance you will know before you leave! He not a hype person meaning he don't need limos and 5 security surrounding him! He treats everyone like family rather he knows you or don't! He may have not been known in the past but right now he is known and in the future you will know him even more! That Big Mucci Baaaaaaaby!

  3. Great review! We need to hear more about Big Mucci!

  4. I LOVE it!!!! And much love to you Big Mucci!!!!

  5. @s jackson, I have definitely realized this. I know full well that Big Mucci is a very hardworking individual. The reason I have only written this short is because I plan to write another post of Big Mucci next Tuesday. Hope you are around to read that post well. Thank you for your concerns and comment.

  6. I've known Mark Wynn for years, served with him in the Service. I've only recently gotten to know Big Mucci, but this is a great write up about a Good man and a great artist. Keep shouting out Zulus!!!! Buck Nasty aka Antonio Buckley


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