Tuesday, August 27, 2013

So, The @MTV VMAs, Huh? (@MileyCyrus? @JTimberlake? & @RobinThicke?)

What are your thoughts about the 2013 MTV VMAs?

Liked It?
Loved It?
Hated It?
Didn't Watch It?

Please leave your comments below! ! !

What was up with Miley?
Think maybe you would be interested in slowing down a bit on your transition to adulthood?
We get it, your childhood was too innocent. You are trying to makeup for lost time.
But damn its as if you went directly from turtlenecks to lingerie.
You just skipped right on pass the mini-skirts. What's next, full frontal nudity?

What's the point in a reunion of N'sync?
Did anyone truly miss them?
Is Justin trying to reinvent himself by moving backward in life?
I mean, for an artist who claims he is not inspired by MJ whatsoever,
he sure is following a familiar musician's career path.

I'm just saying...


Anyway, just as I insisted,
Please leave your comments below.



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