Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mia Marxx (Model of the Week) -- Sexy Saturday

Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Dress Size: 4/6
Shoe Size: 6 1/2
Weight: 115
Measurements: 36/26/36
Cup: D

From an early age, the fair-skinned beauty Miss Mia Marxx made the decision that there was only one dream to be embraced, one goal to be met, and that the spotlight was where she belonged. Born and raised as a middle class daddy’s girl in a small suburban town in Western Massachusetts, Mia tirelessly developed her craft. From pirouetting across the stage during ballet recitals to the rigors of mastering martial arts, Marxx refused to let the small chance of gaining fame deter her from her most precious dream; becoming a successful professional model in the limelight.

Mia is taking the proper steps to realize her dream. Her fame increases more and more in her hometown, becoming a local celebrity.

“Seven years is a long time in the modeling industry. I’ve struggled, I’ve hit roadblocks, and I’ve cried. But, I’ve also smiled, laughed, and felt some amazingly indescribable emotions that keep me pushing forward. I meet people everyday who tell me that they love my work, or that they look up to me. People know my name, show their support regularly, and want my autograph. I stop and think, ‘Wow. This is what I’ve worked so hard for.’ It gives me butterflies.”

It must be her down to earth personality along with her sultry, sexy, and classy demeanor that draws people to her. The first time you see her smile at you, you are instantly enamored.


Mia’s work varies. Some of her current completed work includes the following:

Music Videos:
Out Da Great – “Crack/I Need A Deal”
Donn’s Day – “Speeding

Beats 4 Boobs Charity Event Appearance for Christina Applegate’s
“Right Action For Women” @ One Eleven Hartford, CT
VIP Appearances @ One Eleven Hartford, CT
VIP Appearances @ Koji Hartford, CT
Dress Barn Runway Show Event for Women’s Health, CT
NoH8 Campaign –
Sinners & Saints End of Summer/Hot Body Contest Appearance,

Adam Bouska - Celebrity Photographer, LA – David Blazze – Photographer, MA
Dean Sanford Photography – Dean Sanford - Photographer, CT
Katie Donnelly Photography – Katie Donnelly – Photographer, MA/NY
Photo-A-GoGo – Nick Bessette - Photographer, MA
Photo-A-GoGo – Doug Goodsell – Photographer, MA
Steinmetz – Walt Steinmetz – Photographer, MA
Stephanie Green – Photographer, MA
Tom-O-Graphics – Photographer, CT
Tyler Shumway Photography – Tyler Shumway – Photographer, NY


Next for Mia, taking the show on the road. Being a local celebrity and socialite in her hometown is great, but Mia’s ambition will not keep her local; she’s concurring as we speak. Next stop your town. Once you encounter Mia be prepared to become an instant fan.


When asked, where do she see modeling taking her in the future? Her reply was "I'm trying to be the next Kim Kardashian. She's a successful business woman who has accomplished many things. She is a household name. So, in all actuality, the sky's the limit!"


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For Booking:
Contact Rock-It
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