Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Bad Blood - Taylor Swift (@taylorswift13)

by Mister Promo | June 9, 2015

Bad Blood Cast

What a cast, huh?


I must say, I became curious to know if there was a video for this song and if so, what exactly did it consist of. While at work it seemed this song aired once every hour on the radio. I would have never guessed it was Taylor Swift until the radio personality announced that it was her before airing it again. Once I returned home I looked up the video on YouTube and pressed play.
First face I recognize besides Taylor is Selena Gomez, Then Zendaya and then Jessica Alba. How many of you were surprised, just as I was, to see so many familiar faces? Can you say, MJ similarity? I don't believe I've seen this many A-List celebs in one video since Liberian Girl. Check it out!

I'm holding tight to my beliefs that Taylor Swift will, in fact, be the next music icon. Her transition from country to pop was extremely smooth. In doing so many people did not mind it. If anything, her audience embraced her and couldn't wait to see what she would do in a new genre. She is doing quite well with hits such as Style,  Blank Space and of course Shake It Off. Phenomenal. 

For some reason, Bad Blood reminds me of MJ's Bad.

Now here is Bad Blood by Taylor Swift.

Keep up the great work, Taylor Swift!

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