Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Ariana Grande vs. SAFIA

by Mister Promo | June 17, 2015

Why are so many people hellbent on feeling like they've been robbed? Could it be that both creators have similar minds? Whatever happen to the saying, Great Minds Think Alike?" Does it not work the same when money is involved?

Ariana Grande has a video titled "One Last Time" directed by Max Landis and published on YouTube on February 15, 2015. While SAFIA's video titled "You Are The One" directed by Jimmy Ennett and published on YouTube on September 24, 2014 just about 5 months prior. Both of which videos may be viewed below. This post is not intended to defend either party, however, I will be expressing my thoughts on both video concepts.

 Ariana Grande - "One Last Time"
First up, Ariana Grande. I chose to explain hers first because this is the order of how I tuned in. This video was captured in a style similar to home video footage. The majority of this video was in first person view (or POV). I feel directing it this way really places you in the role as the character traveling through the streets with Ariana. Everything she sees, you see. The chaos in the streets, the traffic of stopped vehicles, the police trying to maintain order, the paramedics saving lives, etc. Not to mention, the many colors that are illuminating the once still sky. They travel through the streets, down allies, into buildings, upstairs and finally to a rooftop. There's so much going on where the anticipation is both capturing and thrilling. Each and every second of watching this video you are perched at the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next?

SAFIA - "You Are The One"
SAFIA. The only reason I even knew of this, band(?) was because I was curious as to who Max Landis is. Upon a wiki or possible IMDb search, I ended up clicking on a link of a blog post comparing the two videos through their similarities.
This video is filmed with the main character facing the camera at all times. You, as the viewer, are not able to see what she is viewing when she is viewing it. You only see what she sees once she has passed the viewing subjects. Chaos, parked cars, riots, an ambulance, etc. What is odd to me is that she is in constant run mode. In this entire video she is running in one direction, forward. I.e. toward you, the viewer. And not fast. But in slow motion. The sky in SAFIA's video is not threatening at all. It's more of a sun-setting sky. In fact, the point of her sudden need to get out of her car and run is not quite clear. The reason is not explained until the conclusion of the video.

Do I believe that one creator took an idea from another. No.
Could SAFIA's video have been an inspiration to Ariana? Possibly.

I do believe that the two videos are extremely different.
What do you think?

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