Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Life Without Blinders

by Mister Promo | April 15, 2015


Stop living life with blinders on. Because once you take them off
you will realize just how much of this life you have actually missed.

Life blows! You live... Then you die. Is that too harsh?
Well stop dying and start living. Is that more soothing?

Stop waiting to live life later. Live life NOW! Too many of us
create so many excuses as to why we can't go places.

"It's cause I'm broke."
Well, save money.
"I have a job."
So, take a vacation.
"I have a child."
Take your child with you.
"Certain places aren't safe to travel to."
And it's safe to stay home?!

Stop making excuses! Make a goal to leave your nest. Leave
your comfort zone. Make a plan to travel. See the world
outside of your wired fence. Do it young. If you're 18, take
a bus to another state. If you're 21, hop a train cross country.
If you're 24, book a flight to a different continent.
Go somewhere! Create an experience.

Just remember... It starts with you.

Thank you!!

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