Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Adjustment Bureau -- Cinema Sunday

The Adjustment Bureau
Starring Matt Damon, Emily Blunt & Anthony Mackie

Matt Damon portrays a man name David, running for office. In the meantime while waiting for his partner, David meets a woman who catches his eye. Unsuspectingly showing up, they both have some passion for each other, from exchanging words to sharing kisses. After an interruption by the tardiness of his partner, the passion was broken and she left, what seemed to be, for good. Later, while searching to see the woman again David runs into a group of people who have the power to adjust the future and the lives of people. When meeting these strange people, they tell him the secret of their origin. When realizing the agency is against him David springs into action to find this woman again. When he finds her he realizes he has two choices and to find out these choices and other gaps within this Synopsis, you must see this movie.

Written Darrien Lovett
who can be followed @WolfenX4 on twitter.

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