Monday, January 14, 2013

Looks Like @MisterPromo Has Found @SoundCloud

Mister Promo (aka MPsays) is known to The Promo Squad as our part-time  interviewer. On his on time he is a marketing/promoting and COO of M&R Entertainment Group (@MREntGroup). Just recently, in the past month, he has found interest in the site known as Sound Cloud. As a promoter, he has uploaded songs by one of his artist, ABDI Hitz (@Abdihitz). Songs like "Be Patient", "Ghostly" and of course the EP title song, "Intergalactic L.U.V." Commented from Mr. MPsays himself, "ABDI is amazing in his own way. Once you listen to his songs, you will become and instant fan." 

You must take it from the man himself, ABDI Hitz.

Mister Promo's Sound Cloud Playlist

Click the link above in blue and brace yourself.

But most importantly, ENJOY! ! ! ! 

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